Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Piano Men

Abe and I bought tickets to go see Elton John and Billy Joel in concert at the ESA almost a year ago. Originally we were supposed to see them in November but due to the fact that Elton and then Billy were sick they postponed the show. Now come February 19th the piano men were live in concert in the S.L.C! The pair put on one of the best shows i've ever been to! They started the night off with Elton's masterpiece "Your Song" and finished up the night with Billy's "Piano Man." They sang about five songs together at the beginning.. then Elton went for an hour.. then Billy an hour and then they came back on together for 5 more songs. Abe and I loved the show and loved spending that time together singing along with some of the greatest musicians ever!! The night was so much fun. We even met up before the show for dinner at Red Iguana, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.
Dueling pianos...

Ever since nannying in Long Island, where Billy lives, and saw the musical "Movin Out" I have been in love with his music. He's so talented and wrote many of his hit songs before I was even born. Lullaby, Just the Way You Are, Piano Man, Movin Out, Italian Restaurant, Vienna, Keeping the Faith, She's Got Away, Captain Jack, The Entertainer, And So it Goes... i love them all and could go on and on.
As for Abe, he was more into Elton John's music growing up because of a road trip to CA where that was the only cassette tape they had in the vehicle, Elton's greatest hits. But I am a big fan of Elton too. I am mean come on it's Sir Elton! He's such a classic: Tiny Dancer, Crocodile Rock, Rocket Man, Benny and the Jets, Daniel, Goodbye yellow brick road ... the guy is a LEGEND!!

Next show we're looking forward to... U2 in JUNE @ the U of U!

Monday, February 22, 2010

In honor of...

In honor of Valentine's Day Abe and I celebrated it on Saturday, like most of you I suppose. We started off the day by eating dutch babies and finding a place to store our V-Day present until the weather gets better. We got ourselves a patio set and are excited to put it to use! I hope there will be many a game played on the table while watching the golfers play through hole 9. As for that evening, Abe and I spent it with some happy Chinese families. See I am reading this book called "Garlic and Sapphires" which is amazing.
It's about a food critic from the New York Times. The critics sense for food is one of a kind. The way she describes the food she eats is something that I can only dream about. I mean she can get down to every last spice a dish contains. So anyway, in one chapter she talks about eating dim sum at a NYC Chinese restaurant and ever since then I have been craving dim sum. So, Abe was nice enough to indulge me and we went to Cafe Anh Han for dim sum. We were the only Caucasians in the place. And by the end of our meal we were SO satisfied. (man what I would give to be a food critic, the one in the Deseret News, in my opinion of course, needs to be replaced)

Anyway, back to the dim sum, if you don't know what it is then take a gander at the pics below or go to
If you plan on trying dim sum let me recommend the steamed buns with bbq pork

After our Chinese outing we hit up the dollar theater, since we're still trying to save a buck or two or three or four. It was a great Valentine's Day which was followed by a yummy dinner at the Young's on Sunday for a true homemade V-Day meal - steak and tatoes!

Me and my Valentine (aka Abraham William Johnson)

One other in honor of...

In honor of Mardi Gras, homemade Beignetwere made and devoured last week! I think that this will become a tradition because they were just so tasty and not too hard to make. I just love southern food and New Orleans has some of the best food around. mMMmm doesn't all that oil look tasty.
1 c. all-purpose flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 c. milk
1 well-beaten egg

Combine egg and milk, gradually add flour, baking powder and salt. Beat well. Drop by teaspoons into 2 inches of hot oil, fry brown. Drain on paper toweling. Makes approximately 2 dozen. Serve with jam, jelly, or syrup.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A visitor or two

During the Legislative Session it's quite common for a U.S. Congressman, Senator or local philanthropist to stop on by and talk to the Representatives during floor time. But today, Real Salt Lake stopped by! They even brought a soccer ball. They ALL passed by me TWICE in the hall. I must say I was a bit star struck! Watching them in the shoot out, that they won, making them the MLS Cup 2009 winners, will go down in my book as one of the best sporting events EVER watched! And how about the entire team getting a standing ovation from both the Senate and House Chambers for their accomplishment. That's got to feel good.So on that note, GO REAL... way to bring Utah the first major professional sports title in nearly four decades.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One fish, Two fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Last week, since I am a Legislature House staff member (for the Leg Session that is) Abe and I were able to go to the Living Planet Aquarium for free. Part of Legislative Family night! It was fun to see all the creatures that live in Utah and come from a far. They had some cool creatures considering we live in a desert state.
Abe was like a kid in the candy store with all the fishies around.
See what I mean! He would stop and stare at them for hours on end if it was possible.
They even had a gator... creaptastic!!
And you could "Feel the EEL" It was fun to get the legislators kids to touch it. When you touched the sensor it would feel like your arm went to sleep for a bit.
Now that Abe and I have more room living in our townhouse we have decided we want to get his fish tank that is currently residing as his parentals home empty and feel it with fishies. I'm thinking we get ourselves some angel fish.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Now to Vancouver...

First off, I have to say that I love that Utah still has connections with the Winter Olympics.
I mean common on, just a few months ago (okay maybe more like six) I saw Apolo Anton Ohno at Albertson's. Maybe someday we'll even get them again. So, I say that I love the connection that we have because, just a few weeks ago Abe and I and some of our friends headed up to Park City (in the snow) to see the final Grand Prix halfpipe contest in snowboarding.

It was fun to see the Flying Tomato in action and nearly a foot away!
Those headed to Vancouver were named the night we were there, they are: Shaun White of course, Louie Vito (who is from Sandy, UT and danced in the last season of "Dancing With the Stars") and Scotty Lago for the men's team ... as for the ladies it's Kelly Clark, Gretchen Bleiler and Hannah Teter.

Going to the finals in PC made me all that more excited for next week to see the kickoff of the Winter Olympic Games! GO USA!!