Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Jump

Abe and I skydived the first weekend in June for his 30th Birthday.  
It was our first time. 
We loved it!

Earlier this year we saw a living social deal and thought it would be a fun way to celebrate him turning the big 3-0!  So we bought it and asked some friends if they wanted in and we headed to Moab.
Skydiving has always been something i've wanted to do so I was super excited. (the guy I jumped with says that most of the time the woman is the one who calls and registers a couples skydive... see men we are adventurous!)

The scariest part was the plane ride up. Okay and signing some waiver saying you won't sue them if you die.  That was a little intense.
But we climbed 20 minutes in the plane till we reached the desired jumping elevation. Then it was time to jump. On our way up we saw the Canyonlands and it sure was beautiful.

Abe skydived with a guy from Croatia and he has jumped over a thousand times. 
Abe jumped first then me.
When he jumped I just thought oh man I hope I see you at the bottom.
That was a surreal feeling when Abe left me alone in the plane!
Abe's skydive

Lisa's skydive

 As for me, the person I skydived with went to Brighton High School and it was his 900th jump... my very jump!  We did a flip right out of the plane. I think I screamed the whole free fall down... which really isn't as long as you would hope it to be.

Taking control of the parachute

Both of us coming back to earth

Just one more thing to check off our bucketlist