Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall Fun

Before any more time goes on I must blog about Sept/October.
We went to the Shakespeare Festival which was so fun. Saw two plays and a musical in one and a half days. They were all so amazing.  First, was Les Miserables. Last time I saw the musical was in NYC and I have always loved the music so seeing it made me all that more excited for the movie in Dec. And now i'm listening to the music non stop... thanks Pandora! And Pioneer Theatre Company is doing it in May and since we have season tickets we'll be going and we're so excited!
Second show we saw was Stones in my Pocket and lastly Hamlet.  The Hamlet was amazing as well. It was set in modern times and you could totally understand it better.  So much fun! We are theater nerds for sure!
Then in October we headed to Cali to spend some time with the Johnson clan.
Disneyland, football (UTAH v. UCLA game), tide pool hunting and a fire on the beach. 


We had a great time... minus the food poisoning... Disneyland burrito did it to three of us.
That part was no bueno and Disneyland is still investigating the food poisoning situation.