Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Check out Mr. Obama's new pad...

He said he loves American made cars... so now President Obama has opened a Chevy dealership on the White House lawn. Yep "Change" has definitely come... and it's in the form of socialism.

Hard at work.... Obama, the Nation's CEO

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Writing to my elected officials.. b/c It's all too costly...

First up...

Dear Governor Huntsman,

I would like you to reconsider Utah's participation in the Western Climate Initiative. According to the recent studies put out by the Beacon Hill Institute and the Western Business Roundtable a Western carbon cap-and-trade scheme would destroy thousands of jobs, and erode millions of dollars for people in Utah (that doesn't even include all the damage that would be done to other Western States). Being a part of WCI should end now!! Come on Governor, do your homework before tying your state to such costly measures.

Lisa Johnson
(i'm glad you are only a two term man)

Read Sutherland Institute's lastest Press Release on the Western Climate Initiative


Dear Senator Hatch,

After reading the article below and hearing what the Belgium President had to say about Socialized Healthcare I am reaching out to you to tell you of my concerns over the matter. I know that President Obama is not only considering it but he wants to move the United States of America over to universal healthcare. I believe that this is wrong and is not what the Free World needs. Please block all forms of Socialized Healthcare.

Thank you.
Lisa Johnson

The Belgium President said on Glenn Beck today when asked what should the U.S. never do... he replied change to Socialized Healthcare.. saying that the patient should ALWAYS be in the drivers seat.

The article I read today in the New York Post suggests that actress Natasha Richardson may have survived her ski accident if she had been in the U.S. because of the lack of healthcare technology in Canada.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shamrock day was oh so mmmm' Green

It was a wee little Leprechaun who some how found a way into
our kitchen on March 17th. He even left his mark by turning our dinner green! Yep, the milk, the eggs, and the Dutch babies.
He even got Abe’s cottage cheese for lunch that day. Luckily we were wearing green... so we didn't get pinched.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Turning a quarter of a century...

I have officially been 25 for a week now. March 11 is my date of birth and pretty sure I feel exactly the same, not feeling too old yet :) Some guy at the post office who found out it was my birthday said that I couldn't be turning 25 and thought I was maybe turning 21.

Birthday week, started on Sunday, March 8 with birthday dinner at my parents house.
This is picture of me and my niece ...Nicole is just waiting very patiently until she can help her Auntie blow out all of those candles.

Next up on Birthday week... dinner with the Johnson's at Bucca Di Beppo and then we watched the movie "Swing Vote."

On Tuesday, it was dinner with my High School friends... plus Karen (who I met through XI, so practically a High School friend)We went to Famous Dave's... nothing like good ribs, corn muffins and old and new times. I love these girls.
Finally, on my very birhthday... Wednesday March 11th, I went to work and got a yummy lemon chiffon cake!!
After work, I got home and Abe gave me my presents from him. (I already bought myself some presents... a sweater, a swimsuit, a skirt and a pair of new cowgirl boots!!) Anyway, he got me the book "Team of Rivals" which I have been wanting to read for quite sometime now and a book about the U.S. Presidents, which even has Mr. Obama in there so you know it is rather new... I'm sure Abe new I would like that book because he often times finds me watching American Experience on PBS, which goes into great detail about the Presidents.

So after present time I got to decide where I wanted to go to dinner... and I just new I had to go for some Chicken n' Dumplings at the Cracker Barrel. So tasty.. and you get free dessert when it's your birthday. After we just went back to our apartment and hung out... it was a great birthday!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Are you kidding me?? It's still 2009

November 4 was what?? four months ago.... and already our "great" president is campaigning for 2012. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aBcmH5_wa8J0&refer=worldwide
I mean in Minnesota, currently speaking, they are battling over a U.S. Senate seat, leaving them with only one senator. That just shows how recent this last election was. But, Mr. Obama is already back on the campaign trail, forget solving the economic crisis first... he has an election to win (in almost four years), right?? As for the American people we ain't seen nothing yet from our 44th president... Well, other than immediately supporting ALL abortions, throwing federal money at stem-cell research, announcing the closure of Guantanamo Bay next year (note that one was announced before his administration thought out what they plan on doing with all the detainees), a trillion dollar bail-out, stopping the expansion of oil and gas drilling... oh and Mr. Obama using the economic crisis as a pawn for him to make drastic changes here in the FREE WORLD.. meaning a switch to Socialized Healthcare and wanting to throw more money (our money) at attacking this alleged Global Warming extravaganza.
Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was quoted earlier this month saying to Europeans.... “NEVER WASTE A GOOD CRISIS ... Don’t waste it when it can have a very positive impact on climate change and energy security... This is a propitious time ... we can actually begin to demonstrate our willingness to confront [global warming].”
I guess it's good to know that Mrs. Clinton isn't shy about using this [economic] crisis to her liking... such as switching the U.S. to Socialized Medicine and throwing money at "Global Warming" ... "Never waste a good crisis"... so classic!
Anyway, back to campaigning too early. I guess it just took me by surprise that while the country Mr. Obama is leading is going through an economic crisis... he is ALREADY out there begging for more campaign money, when many people are trying to just stay afloat. Last election, (2008) many complained about Presidential Nominees campaigning too early... merely three or four years early. But it looks like stumping early will happen ALL OVER AGAIN!! So get your campaign buttons on, your car bumper loaded with stickers, and start shelling out the money to your 2012 Presidential Hopeful... because Mr. Obama is ready for another election and 3.5 years is just around the corner.

Friday, March 13, 2009

One Media Guy who know what it’s all about...

My love for the show 20/20 started at a young age. 20/20 came after ABC's line-up TGIF. Watching 20/20 I felt somewhat smart... those were even the days when Barbara Walters anchored... wowwy!! I listened to what the media guys or gals had to say about the world/country that I lived in. Even to this day if I’m home on a Friday night, I turn on 20/20 and hope that John Stassol is reporting. He was always my favorite. He understands what’s good for our country and goes where most reporters never would. Now all we need to do is get our lawmakers to do some research on proposed bills and/or policies... like Stassol does... hmmm maybe like reading a bill before voting on it… that would be a good start.

This is why I like Stassol...
- He exposes "Global Warming" myths... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZcp_wcDXec
- He see's what banning guns would do to our nation... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyoLuTjguJA
- When it comes to socialized healthcare… he suggests that Canada doesn’t do it better with their FREE Healthcare system.
- He speaks out against the bailout…
- He believes in limited government and suggests that over the years we have had too much government meddling and that these tough times mean that we are now getting back to the normal state of affairs called, “Spontaneous order.”
- And he says that democracy only works if you educate yourself… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0C47Rlnc-8&feature=related

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quite the windy day....

This picture was taken from the Deseret News.
The first paragraph read...

SNOWBIRD — High winds shut down Snowbird's Peruvian chairlift Wednesday afternoon, trapping some skiers for up to two hours. Read the whole article here...

It has been very windy for the past two days. I've seen tumbleweeds downtown at work and in the parking lot of our apartment complex. Where are the tumbleweeds coming from? Just walking downtown today I thought I was going to get blown over. Anyway, Abe, his family and I all went skiing on Saturday and it was one of the warmest days for skiing I have ever enjoyed. So no 70 mph winds ruined our day at Snowbird -- just blue sunny skies.
But one suggestion needs to be made in regards to that heat... Snowbird needs to put drinking fountains or water jugs at the top of the lifts. There were times I was seriously parched!!