Monday, February 21, 2011

Something about Men on Meds

Abe had surgery on Friday. He had a deviated septum and FINALLY he went in to get it all fixed up. The recovery process will take about a week (that's what the doctor says) and i'm sure he'll need the FULL week. Hopefully we'll be able to go out and do something next weekend. This past weekend we stayed home. I helped him out by ... making him cream of wheat, grape juice, and making sure he takes all his meds and moving the humidifier around so he'll get a change of scenery.

The doctor says the surgery should make it so he breaths better, tastes better and smells better. Maybe that will mean that he'll now smell the perfume I put on, taste the dinners I make for him better and maybe just maybe he'll order Mexican, Thai and Indian food medium spicy instead of hot hot hot!

So men on painkillers when they're recovering from surgery is not too bad at all. At least for Abe he's a bit loopy and tired .. but he's also been extra sensitive and sweet and is always praising me for taking such good care of him. What a cutey he is! Unfortunately today i'm at work so he has to fend for himself until I get home tonight.