Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winter is upon us

These flowers I planted are dying right now... and these tulips I planted a few weeks ago won't bloom for another six months!
As I was driving away from the house yesterday to go to work IN THE SNOW I realized that the few flowers I planted at our new place are officially on their last leg. So, I guess that means welcome Winter but you're not exactly wanted!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reality Check

Today at work I got an email from my co-worker titled "Reality Check on Debt." Inside that email was a picture of this little girl. That's right it's a reality check. The U.S. owes $1.42 trillion (this according to an AP story from three days ago). That is more than the total national debt for the first 200 years of the Republic, more than the entire economy of India, almost as much as Canada's, and more than $4,700 for every man, woman and child in the United States. That ladies and gentleman is how much money the U.S. needs to pay back! Lovely huh ... while we a regular citizen are expected to NOT go into debt (and if we do there are severe consequences), the Federal Government can spend spend spend as long as they have a freaking printing press! Well one thing I do know, there's no way that this little girls generation will be able to pay all those trillions back... so I guess on to the next generation, maybe.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why is it??

Why is it that just looking at this picture I get the chills?? Hello, I know that this is just a picture... but for some reason my body thinks that it is right in front of me and that I am going to either touch it with my fingers or put it to my mouth to feel the utter coldness that it contains.

I know random post ... but I guess it just amazes me what the brain can sense real or not!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

He said i couldn't blog about this ...

Let me first start off by saying that after Abe told me this story I was laughing SO hard I said, "I HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THIS." He said, "no no no!" But after Abe told our friends Matt and Faroe about what happened, Faroe agreed with me ... it must be blogged. And here is how the story goes or at least what Abe told me ....

So a few weeks ago, it was a Sunday mid September, and Abe had just gotten home from work (yes, he works Sunday's and we HATE IT! but we keep saying it's better for him to have a job then no job.) And he came across a cardboard box in the middle of our driveway which probably got blown over from the townhouses that are under construction right next to us. He took the box and walked it over to the big dumpster by the town homes and then decided that he wanted to go look inside them and see how the construction was going. Well, he says that when he was walking the box to the garbage he saw a cop truck parked on the street but didn't think much about it. So as he was giving himself a tour of a town house he heard a loud authoritative voice tell him to, "PUT YOUR HANDS UP" as Abe was putting his hands up he said a k-9 dog then came charging at him straight for his man part hitting him pretty hard... but lucky for Abe the dog missed his area (thank goodness we can still have children) and the dog had a muzzle on. As Abe was telling me this part of the story I was laughing so hard because not very many people have ever been told to "PUT YOUR HANDS UP" by cop and Abe is one of those curious people and I was thinking oh look how your curiosity got you in to trouble. So long story short, the cop didn't arrest him or cite him for trespassing. And as for the reason why the cop was even in the area? He said that he was checking things out at the town houses because he had gotten a report of kids vandalizing them. The cop also told Abe that he was lucky the dog had a muzzle on because they are trained to attack... well Abe and I are thinking, hello why are you sending a k-9 into a house when you don't even know who is really in it and why are you sending a k-9 in for a situation that involves children. Owe goodness Sandy Police ... if that dog hadn't had a muzzle on and HAD attacked Abe you would be paying us lots of money in damages!! So that's the story, I can't tell it as well as Abe does so next time you see him just ask him to put his hands up and to tell you the story about the attack of the k-9.