Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Better late than never

Two days until Thanksgiving and I have yet to post Halloween 2010 pics. SO here we go!

This year Marie and Ryan hosted the High School friend Halloween Party. We had a great time playing games and eating some good grub.
Of course it was a COSTUME party. Abe is my prisoner and I am his police officer.
I loved Katie's outfit and that we sort of kind of matched. Besides the fact she was a "male" police officer... with a baby bump?? So great!
All of us posing for the camera.Then it was off to Farmington for the annual Parker family Halloween Party. Abe loved holding Simon the python. As for me i'm not a real fan of snakes... especially the way they feel so I passed on holding the slithery guy.
We also got to see Simon eat his dinner. It sure made for a rather interesting Halloween Party. Here he is finishing the rat off.
Then we had some of Abe's friends from High School and their wives over to our place for some Halloween fun.
And yes costumes were a must!
On Halloween Eve my niece had her fifth birthday party. It was a princess party and my Mom wanted me to dress up as Belle and to see if my friend Allison (who dresses up as Cinderalla for kid's birthday parties) could come. Sadly, Allison couldn't come because of her work schedule! Maybe next year we can be a duo. I loved dressing up as Belle. It was real fun and the little girls loved it. We played games, ate yummy food, did a craft and opened presents.
I do love how my Belle costume turned out. I think Allison and I need to go into business together attending Princess Birthday parties. Belle and Cinderella make the perfect princess pair.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trip down South

It seems I forgot to write about the trip Abe and I took with my family down to Lake Powell. As they say in the blogging world.. better late than never!!
We headed down the end of September/beginning of October. Just in time for some Fall boating before it got too cold. The water was chilly for Lake Powell but it was a fun vacation and we didn't deal with the crowds that are usually around in the Summer time. We even got to celebrate my sister Heather's 30th Birthday on the Lake. We haven't gone on a Young vacation for a while so it was a much needed family trip.
We stayed in Page, AZ and one of the days we went to explore Antelope Canyon.
This pic is of Nicole (my niece) and me waiting for the truck to take us to Antelope Canyon.
Aboard the truck with my parents.
The "heart" of the canyon
We spent much of the afternoon exploring Antelope Canyon. It's located on an Indian Reservation so you can only see it by taking a tour. What I learned on our tour: that many of the professional pictures taken of Lake Powell come from this very canyon.
The next two days we spent on the lake... exploring, tubing, skiing, wakeboarding and just relaxing!Eating plums off of Grandma Gough's tree.

Abe trying out the double ski for old time sake
My sisters and niece Cooling off!
While the water had cooled off a bit the air temp was still in the 90's.
Like I said we celebrated Heather turning the big 3-0 at the local Mexican Restaurant in Page. It was actually real good!
We did some exploring. Here we are heading up Sheep Canyon. It's definitely one of my favorite things to do at Lake Powell.
Laura was sure a trooper trying to get up on the double ski.
Nicole sure loves tubing. She discovered it at East Canyon and she took turns with most of us.
Abe doing a little wakeboarding.
Me slaloming.
My mom getting ready to ski.
My Mom's still got it!! She sure showed up my sisters. Maybe next year Heather and Laura will get up on either the ski or wakeboard.
And of course we made a stop to Dangling Rope for Ice Cream
Yep, while we there Abe had to surf the tire.
We had a fun Young family vacation. Hopefully it won't be too long until we get to go down to Lake Powell again. I sure do love love LOVE that place.