Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Session over & one year older

It seems as though once again I have turned into a bad blogger. Well, since last time I posted I aged by a year, ended a job, started searching for a new job and got to visit with my bro-in-law who came into town from China. Since posts are better with pics here ya go..
While working at the Capitol I had an office with a great view. My birthday was actually the last day of session, March 11th and worked up on the hill all day. It was one long day. I worked 17 hours.
Me with the Speaker of the House, David Clark on the last night of the session. During my time at the Capitol I wrote press releases for the GOP Representatives, talked with reporters, set up press conferences, tracked bills and various other things. It was fun to see first had what goes on during a Legislative Session.
Rep. Oda and me... careful he packs.
Also on the last night, a visit from Vincent D'Onofrio from "Law and Order" and "Men in Black." He was there because he is involved with a "Meth Cops" program.
Now on to turning one year older... We celebrated with the Johnson's by going to "Alice in Wonderland" 3D style.
Presents from the hubby... which included a two year subscription to the "Cooking Light" magazine. It appears that playing a game with the friends a few weeks ago paid off.. because Abe got the gift idea from our answers in Rate Your Mate.
And celebrating my day with the Young's. I love that Nicole helps all of us blow out those candles.
And now up to last week... look at that... I am making some progress to the blog. Abe's brother Aaron came home from China for a week to visit Chemistry Labs here in the U.S.A. He came to decide which school he wants to go to to get his Phd. Yep, he's a smarty pants.

Now stayed tuned because the next blog post I will go into detail about our first canyoneering trip, which we went on last weekend. Here's the teaser... at one point I was dangling 60 feet and fell of the back of a truck injuring myself.