Monday, June 22, 2009

You're sick please leave IMMEDIATELY

My co-worker came to work sick today!! Yeah, sick and he doesn't know what he has. He said that he had all the symptoms of the swine flu. Well, if that's the case then why in the WORLD are you coming to work. He sits right on the other side of me and that is too close for comfort. So please co-worker of mine, work from home and DO NOT contaminate me. I am going to Lake Powell at the end of the week and would like to be in perfect health.

Okay phew, after six hours of coughing and filling the air with his germs he left for the day. Now hopefully those germs of his have been erased by LYSOL!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day and Birthday Daddy Yo!

Today we celebrated my Dad's birthday and Father's Day all in one. (Sorry Dad that your presents always get clumped together.) Anyway, we LOVE this man tons and are so appreciative for all the help he has given us regarding our new townhouse. Bankers sure know there stuff :) And my Dad is by far the smartest man I know!! Here's my Dad and my niece... who is patiently waiting to help Papa blow out the candles.
My Dad and my Grandma Young... who is 92 years young and looking fabulous!!
Abe and me at the Father/Birthday celebration

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boating season has officially begun...

We have officially gone boating for the first time this Summer. That's right the middle of June and we're now just feeling the wind in our hair. Our first boating experience was held at Utah Lake... Abe and I went with his dad and brother Johnny.

I brought cami the camera but the battery was not fully loaded so we only got a few pics in. Abe, Tom and Johnny wakeboarded and/or slalomed but I was TOO cold to get in ... so I took pictures :) It was such a fun night, even though we were eaten alive by huge misquitos. Bug spray is a must next time!!!
Here's Johnny wakeboarding... he looks like a pro even after his two year absence due to the fact that he was called on an LDS mission. Sorry the pic is a bit blurry.And even though my battery was runnin' low I did get this nice shot of Johnny. I think maybe a pre-historic mosquito flew into his mouth.

Every good boating group needs a good flag person! That was me!! Safety FIRST!!

Here's Abe's Dad skiing... look at the grin on that man's face!! Love it!!!
Boating at sunset... PRICELESS!!!
Next boating experience... hopefully East Canyon
And then on to Lake Powell

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's tradition... Grandpa Brigham would be proud!!

This last Saturday was the Brigham Young Granddaughters Luncheon at the Lion House. My sisters, some cousins and my Aunt Carole were all in attendance. I really enjoy the luncheon because it's always nice to catch up with family and eat terrific food. Now the wait is on for next years luncheon... And in 5 years my niece Nicole gets to come to the luncheon!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

He's Home!!

Abe's brother Johnny got home Saturday night from serving an LDS mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil. And on Sunday Abe's dad and brother came over for dinner (we missed Stephanie, Abe's mom, b/c she was home sick) and then we ate cake for Abe's birthday which was last week. It's fun to have Johnny back and to hear all his stories about the people and traditions in Brazil. Welcome home Johnny we missed you and are glad you got home safely!