Monday, July 26, 2010


Well it appears that July is nearly over. I thought I would post a bit of what we have been up to this month.
We went to the Stadium of fire to see Carrie Underwood with my my aunt, uncle, cousin, sisters and some of their friends for the fourth of July.
We had a blast singing along with her tunes before, after and during the show! Poor Abe had to put up w/ us girls all night. He is such a trooper!!
Before the show we decided to get a bite to eat and Abe was saying how he loves Rubio's. I had never been there and neither had my sisters. So we made a stop in Provo, ordered and then we saw NieNie and her family. They are such the celebrities! A bunch of people came up to them and said how great she, her family, her blog and the Mormon Message that she is in is! It is so true. They are such great examples of strength, courage, love and compassion. I also had to tell her how great her Dad is too... because he was a State Rep. when I worked up on the hill during this last Legislative Session.
How great are they to take pics with us??!! We were hesitant at first but i'm so glad we asked them because they were so sweet and even talked with us for almost ten minutes.

This past weekend.. being Pioneer Day weekend we had a bbq w/ the neighbors, hung out with the fam and did some home rearranging and updating on the home.. more to come on that.@ the neighbors eating dinner!
Anjuli and me
My contribution to the bbq... fruit pizza
We then went up to Ogden on the 24th. Here's Abe and his Daddy bicycling to his Uncle Ben's house from the hospital where we were visiting Abe's Grandpa. We then swam for a bit at his uncle's house and that night went to Cedar Hills to have one last Pioneer Day party at Abe's Aunt's house, the Hale's home, before they took off to DC to go into the Foreign Services. We sure will miss them!! I can't believe I didn't take one pic :(
And just last night we went to dinner at my parents house and while we there my grandma showed us what came from her garden. Some sort of double cucumber! She needs to enter that into some sort of veggie fair competition!!