Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New calling, new calling, new calling

Just as the headline reads, Abe and I got a new calling in our new ward.
We are the activity chair people for the Riverbend Ward. Neither of us have ever had this calling before so it shall be interesting. But hey we're excited. My last calling was in Young Women's and they sure know how to have fun so i'll just have to carry that attitude over. In the meantime, if anyone out there has some ideas that worked in their wards for parties and such let me know. Tips are greatly appreciated! Now that we have callings I really, really (fingers crossed) hope they don't ask us to speak in sacrament meeting. Or at least too hold out until the Leg Session is over.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bad at updating...

It seems that I have been neglecting the blog. Ya, I guess those things happen. Especially around the holiday's. But here's what we've been up to for well over a month now...
Celebrating Thanksgiving at the Young's and then pie with the Johnson Fam followed by a game of touch football - team Edward v. team Jacob with team Edward prevailing ... thanks to my hubby who made a touchdown on a picnic table!
Next up... December a packed month

Freelancing at Fox 13 for Good Day Utah = many overnight hours and seeing this little raccoon at the station
Celebrating Christmas with some of the Alumni XI babes at Chili's
Hosting a Christmas Party with the High Schools gals

Opening presents Christmas morning in our new house!
Followed by breakfast and games at the Young's and then off to the Johnson's for Christmas dinner, games and watching "Julie & Julia."
Dec. 26... Johnson family talent show. Grandma J tapped dance, which was amazing! As for me, I was kicked out of the band due to the fact that my flute overpowered the singer. And Melissa is a fantastic singer.. she seriously is!!

Now onto ringing in 2010!!
New Year's Eve is also Father Johnson's birthday which was celebrated at Asian Star. Then we met up with friends at Mimi's Cafe and went over to Matt and Faroe's place for some talking and some bubbly.. Martinelli's of course.

As for January...
Abe and I road tripped it with his fam to Phoenix for some much needed relaxation.
But on our way down to the AZ we stopped off at Bryce Canyon
Here are some of the highlights in Phoenix...
Negotiating with scalpers for fiesta bowl tickets at the Cardinal's stadium... we paid $20 a piece in the lower bowl. Those same tickets were originally $250 a piece. I would say we did well!
Swimming, hot tubing it and playing tennis at JW Marriott
Going to a Suns v. Rocket game. I must admit i didn't know exactly who to cheer for since i'm not a Steve Nash fan, but I am a Grant Hill fan. So i cheered for the Suns. And they won!
Taking in Arizona sunsets!
Making a stop at the Mesa temple for a session, followed by a visit to the Waffle House.
Taking a tour of Thunderbird in honor of Abe's brother Thomas (who is going there) and his cousin Clay (who went there). In the pic you see Johnny showing his mad skills at jumping over water!

Also highlights from the trip.. a visit with Melissa and Mae and an intense game of Apples to Apples... and lunch with Grandma Young (all of which had no captured moments)
On our way home... stopping at Hoover Dam to see the new bridge

Now this is what we did just this last weekend.
Abe and I went to the Auto Show. We love looking at all the new cars. Even though it was a disappointment that BMW, Mercedes Benz and Nissan decided not to show up this year!

Now this is where i'll be for the next six weeks.
Starting Monday, i'm going to be the Majority Media person for the UT House of Representatives. The liaison between the media and the representatives during the 2010 Legislative Session. I'm a bit nervous, but excited to be employed for at least six weeks, and for this new experience!